10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Germany

You've gotta add Germany to your bucket list! Here's The Top 10 Reasons Why! 

1. Visit Germany for the Incredible Beer!

Oktoberfest - Visit Germany

Why visit Germany? To sample some of the best beer in the world! If you didn't know already, Germany is the home of the original Oktoberfest - the world’s largest beer festival. However, something that most people don’t know is that almost every town in Germany brews their own beer. When you go to just about any German cafe or restaurant and order a brew, they’ll serve you the town’s local beer. You should definitely checkout this ultimate guide to Beer in Germany! In Bavaria, we once visited a town that served beer brewed by monks in the mountains. How cool is that??

2. Vist Germany for Castles & History


Visit Germany for the insane history. There’s a ton of really incredible castles that are scattered across the country. Some must-see castles are Hohenzollern, Neuschwanstein, Burg Eltz, Lichtenstein Castle, and Heidelberg Castle. Plus, there’s a ton of smaller castles dotting the country that you can quite literally stumble upon. We spent a day searching for a particular castle, got lost, and stumbled across a completely different one that was equally as awesome!

3. Visit Germany to try the Autobahn! 

If you like to drive fast, Germany is the place for you. Nothing beats the thrill of driving 100 mph (or more) on the Autobahn and not having to worry about a speeding ticket. It's mind boggling how efficient many of the roads and highways are set up compared to the USA. Plus most drivers live by the “left lane for passing only” rule, making driving through the country quite a pleasurable experience.  

4. Quaint German Towns

Quaint German Town - Visit Germany

There’s loads of quaint German towns that are worth spending a few days in. In fact, many you will never want to leave. Each has a different vibe, food, things to do, and incredible landscapes. A few of our favorites are: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bamberg, Berchtesgaden, Heidelberg, Freiburg, and many more!  When you visit Germany, rent a car and enjoy the freedom of exploring dozens of incredible towns. Trust us, you'll want to visit all of them.

5. Tons of Nature

Black Forest

Germany is one of the greenest countries and contains hundreds of protected forests. One of our favorite areas is the Black Forest (also called Schwarzwald) located in Western Germany on the French border. Within the Black Forest you will find some of the coolest hiking trails in the world. I've never seen such interconnected and well marked trails. While hiking in the forest, you'll come across signs that point to the nearest wellness hotel if you're in the mood for a great lunch or even a massage!

6. European Alps

Zugspitze - German Alps - Visit Germany

European Alps - The majestic mountain range starts at the far Southern section of Germany and runs through France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. On a clear day from the summit of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze (pictured above), you can see 6 countries. It’s an incredible sight.

7. Environmentally Friendly


There is a great sense of pride in German culture when it comes to taking care of your home, garden, town, and natural areas. Coming from Texas, we were astonished to see that most cities are immaculate and you’d be hard pressed to find any litter or pollution. Germany is also on the forefront of green energy and you'll see thousands of windmills dotting the countryside farms. The air here is literally fresher.  One time we were driving through a small town when a hailstorm hit. Within minutes of the storm finishing the entire town was out sweeping the streets and cleaning up fallen branches from the storm. The crazy part about it was that it was still raining while they were cleaning!

8. FOOD!

German Food - Weiss Wurst

If you love sausage, cheese, and bread, Germany is for you! Naturally you can find the popular schnitzel and bratwursts almost anywhere, but another german dish you must try is Spargel. Spargel is white asparagus and is usually prepared with a hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs. This dish is most popular during the spring season. Every town has a local butcher and bakery where you can get local treats fresh daily.  

Another favorite of mine is the weisswurst (pictured above) - a white sausage typically served with a sweet mustard and a pretzel for breakfast. You can usually find these before 12pm in Bavaria. 

Plus, Germany has one of the largest vegan communities in the world. In Berlin, you can also find the world’s first vegan street loaded with plant based shops and restaurants.  

9. The Romantic Road

Visit Germany

The Romantic Road - Also known as the Romantische Straße, contains some of Germany’s best sights and tourists spots in the southern state of Bavaria. The road loosely follows an old Roman route between towns. The Romantic road is a marked 220 mile route between Wurzburg and Fussen and is the perfect way to experience quintessential German culture.

10. Christmas Markets

Christmas is a HUGE celebration in Germany. In fact, many of the key elements of the Christmas tradition originated in Germany - including Kris Kringle (later adapted as Santa Claus) and the Christmas tree! If visiting Germany during the Christmas season you will be treated to insane Christmas markets and exciting displays of Christmas decor! Entire town squares are quite literally decked out with tons of lights and usually include a massive Christmas tree.   

I hope this list has helped convince you to put Germany on your radar! If so, share this post with your friends! Be sure to check out our Germany travel guide for specific places to visit in Germany.

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