Random Facts About Us

Here’s some random facts about us if you want to get to know us better 😉 Also, be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us a bit about yourself! We love making new friends! 

No Kids…Ever 

Yeah I said it, we don’t ever want to have children. We’ve never really had any desire to procreate. Lets be honest, kids are a massive life investment of time and money neither of us are prepared to give. I like having the freedom to travel where I want, when I want. We enjoy being able to be spontaneous in life – a privilege people who have children don’t get to enjoy as much (or at all). Every time we get on a plane with a crying baby we’re reminded how much we don’t want to have them. 

Speaking of kids & responsibilities…

We do have fur babies that basically are our children. We have a pit-bull mix named Ivy who is literally the sweetest, smartest, and best dog Ive ever had. She knows a plethora of commands and can give you a look that will make you melt inside. Im greatly saddened that we can’t take her all around the world with us. One day if we ever become filthy rich, we plan to buy a jet so we can fly our animals around the world with us. By the way, our first purchase would absolutely be a private chef. =)

Tweako the diabetic cat

So we also have an old diabetic cat that was rescued by the SPCA in Dallas. His original name was/is Niko but its evolved since then to Tweako, ( because he tweaks) and then to Twee (short for Tweako). The trickiest thing we have to figure out when we plan a trip is how he’s going to be taken care of, considering he gets 2 shots and oral medicine every single day. Yes it’s a lot, but he’s worth it. This cat is the sweetest cat either of us have ever met. He literally just wants to be loved all the time. He’s purring about 75% of the day, its stupid cute. 





We want to leave Texas

We both grew up in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and have spent our entire lives here. We’ve explored almost every nook and cranny of our state and are craving something different. The problem is we don’t know where we want to go. We’ve considered the West Coast for its stunning beauty but are torn because the weather in Oregon/Washington isn’t ideal (we don’t like going more than a few days without sunshine) and California is just so incredibly expensive. 

We’ve also considered the East Coast – New England area, but Im not sure if we could handle the winters. I guess we can’t win them all so we’ve got to come up with what works best. Suggestions welcome!

We crave like-minded people

Ill be honest, one of the reasons why we want to leave Texas is because we’re a minority here when it comes to our beliefs and values (especially when it comes to religion, politics, children, and the “traditional” way of life). We have trouble finding people that share our values and would love to make some new friends around the world. 

Speaking of values, we started an Eco-Friendly company

We’re the proud owners of KijaniNow, which started out as an Eco-friendly subscription box but we’re focusing more on eco friendly apparel now. We pick up one pound of trash from waterways for every item sold (we’ve picked up over 1,000 pounds in 2017 already). Every season we launch a new T-shirt in support of an endangered species and donate 20% of proceeds to help save animals in the wild. 

KijaniNow Trash Pickup

We love Tea

This one is random but we love trying different hot teas. Everyday we have ourselves a pot or two of tea to get the day started. Our favorite teas are Oolong, Ti Kuan Yin, and Pu-Er. We would love to visit a tea field someday!

We also love whiskey & margaritas

Oh Jameson, how we love you. I always appreciate a good margarita. To me, a good margarita literally only has 3 ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime. Sweet and Sour, Sprite, and tonic water don’t belong in margaritas people! Oddly, the best margarita I’ve ever tasted was in Italy

Speaking of Italy…

Fun Fact: We almost drove off a cliff in Italy. Thanks to Google Maps, we took a backroad that ended up leading us to a private road through a farm that ended abruptly at a cliff with no signs or railing. It was pretty scary. We also messed up our rental car (an Audi too ?) driving on the narrow roads of the Amalfi Coast. Lesson learned: Don’t drive in Italy! 

Our favorite countries

We honestly haven’t been to a ton of different places but our favorites so far are Germany and Costa Rica. There’s something magical about Germany that keeps you wanting more. We’re huge wildlife and nature fans so obviously Costa Rica is up there too. Nothing like waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys, parrots, and toucans. I could do it everyday. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

More about Nadja

Nadja is a very talented artist (went to school for design) and creates almost all of our logos and graphics! Be sure to check out her art Instagram here to see more of her work. She’s passionate about helping all animals and wildlife. She’s a total mountain/forest girl at heart and always prefers traveling to destinations that have those elements.  Her favorite musicians are Bjork, Incubus, and The Deftones. In her free time she loves playing Assassins Creed and Far Cry on Xbox ?. Did I mention she’s 50% German?


Nadja Slay

More about Dustin

Sometimes I feel like Im sort of a “Jack of all trades” kinda guy, theres a lot of things that I’m in to. I feel like life is too short to just do one or two things. I went to school for music (played saxophone in college), I’m passionate about producing my own music, and occasionally DJ for parties. Im an ocean lover at heart and always want to be on a tropical beach somewhere. I hope to one day help save the coral reefs around the world from the significant bleaching that is going on. Im also a part-time real estate agent here in Dallas. My favorite musicians are Incubus and Skrillex. In my free time I like to take care of my saltwater reef tank or play Halo on Xbox.

How we met

Believe it or not, we were in high school band together (I had a major crush on her then too). We went our separate ways after graduation and later I ended up buying my first home. Turns out my home was in the same neighborhood as hers! We reconnected and have been together ever since, going on 6 years now! 

In conclusion, 

I hope you’ve gotten to know us a bit better. We love connecting with other travelers and like-minded people, so please feel free to reach out to us anytime or leave a comment below about yourself we’d love to hear from you! 

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