5 New Hampshire Sights You Don’t Want To Miss

Beautiful New Hampshire

We just got back from an insane fall foliage tour through New England. If you’re nature lovers like we are, you’ve got to check out a few of our favorite spots in New Hampshire. Heres the top 5 Lincoln New Hampshire Points Of Interest you don’t want to miss. 

1. The Basin at Franconia Notch State Park - Lincoln New Hampshire Points of Interest

lincoln new hampshire points of interest

The sun was going down and we were looking for something to squeeze in to make the most of the last hour or two of daylight. We were recommended to the “Basin” by a Franconia Notch State Park representative as a great, yet quick attraction.

The Basin is easily accessible right off the highway and is only a short walk from the parking lot. You will be rewarded with multiple waterfalls nestled in the woods. This place is a photographers dream and I spent the last of the daylight snapping as many photos as I could get. There are multiple vantage points around several different falls.

2. Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway Lincoln New Hampshire Points of Interest

Our main reason for visiting New Hampshire was to see all of the amazing fall colors, and boy we were not disappointed. In our home state of Texas, we don’t really have fall – the leaves change from green to brown practically overnight. Highway 112, also known as the Kancamagus Highway, is one of the USA’s best scenic drives for fall foliage. Even though we arrived later in the season, we still got to see some beautiful colors. There are multiple pull-off points to soak in the picturesque views and scenery. This entire drive can easily be done in a half day, even with stopping at every single pull-off (which we highly recommend)! 

New England as a whole has some of the most vibrant fall colors in the world. Another wonderful place to view the seasons change is Acadia National Park in Maine. Discover the 6 reasons why fall is the best time to visit Acadia National Park. 

3. Flume Gorge

Flume Gorge Lincoln New Hampshire Points of Interest

The Flume Gorge is a perfect half day trip. It costs around $12 per person to access the gorge and hiking trails. I highly recommend going early in the day because this attraction gets busy fast. We don’t particularly like other people and there was at least 50-100 other tourists in the gorge when we arrived around 12pm (yay ?). The gorge walkway is fairly narrow and its a hassle to deal with all the people wanting to pass you. I was also hoping to get a few shots of an empty gorge (which didn’t happen). Also be sure to do the full hike, not just the trail to the gorge. There are a handful of fantastic lookouts, rivers, and covered bridges along the way that you’ll miss unless you do the full hike. The hike is pretty easy too!

4. Artists Bluff

Artists Bluff Lincoln New Hampshire Points of Interest

Directly across the street from Lake Echo (which is also another noteworthy attraction) is a trail to a lookout at Artists Bluff. Although the trail to Artists Bluff is short, its quite steep and you’ll definitely burn a few calories getting to the bluff! Once you get there however, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of Echo Lake and the surrounding mountains. All in all, it took us about 20-30 minutes to hike to the bluff from the parking lot.

5. Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain -  Lincoln New Hampshire Points of Interest

Disclaimer: Okay, Ill admit we actually didn’t get a chance to do this one, (it closed for the season just a couple days before we arrived) but it was recommended to us by multiple residents in the area so I figured it deserved a mention. Cannon Mountain is the highest peak in the Lincoln, New Hampshire and Franconia Notch State Park areas. On a clear day, you can see four states plus Canada from the summit at almost 4100 feet.

Cannon Mountain was also the home of the very first aerial tramway in the United States. The tramway has since been renovated and can take you to the top of Cannon Mountain in just 8 minutes. The tram departs every 15 minutes during operating hours so its perfect addition to any other activities you’ve got planned for the day. 

Cannon mountain was also the home to the Old Man of the Mountain (also known as the Great Stone Face) before it collapsed in 2003. There is now a memorial to the Old Man of the Mountain on the shore of nearby Profile Lake.

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