The 5 Best Places To Stay in Venice On A Budget!

Best Places to Stay In Venice

When we travel, we LOVE boutique hotels AND saving money. We've put together this list of best places to stay in Venice. There's quite a few to choose from in and around the city so we've helped narrow them down for you.

Keep in mind a few of these are located outside of Venice and may require a short bus or taxi ride to get there. Italy has excellent public transport and you can easily get to/from Venice for cheap. Plus, you can find some excellent deals just outside the city.


Hotel Petit Palace

This hotel features a gorgeous interior and modern rooms. Excellent bar and a 24 hour reception. Plus it's located right on the beach! This hotel is great if you want to be near Venice but don't want to be in the middle of everything.

Location - 15 Minute Ferry to Venice Center

Price - $95-120/night depending on season

Amenities - Wifi - A/C - Beachfront - Modern Rooms - Free Breakfast

Hotel Giorgione

This hotel features a beautiful pool and garden area for ultimate relaxation. Just take a look at the pics above! Enjoy the intricate Venetian designed rooms. This hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway in the heart of Venice!

Location: Center of Venice

Price: $99-250/night depending on season

Amenities: Venetian Design - Pool Room - Garden - Courtyard - Wifi - Bar - Breakfast - 24 Hour Reception

Fiori&Frutti Resort di Campagna

Fiori & Frutti is the perfect place to stay if you're wanting to experience Italian countryside vibes with close proximity to Venice. This hotel is located on a large plot of lush land and even offers horseback riding right on the property! Enjoy fresh farm to table dining for every meal! 

Location: 15 minute drive to Venice

Price: $105-130/night depending on season

Amenities: Swimming Pool - Horse Stables - Garden - Courtyard - Wifi - Breakfast

Villa Patriarca

You'll fall in love with Villa Patriarca's 18th century architecture surrounded by lush landscaping. This villa features a large pool in a ultra relaxing setting. At the onsite restaurant, your mouth will water at the sight of specialty dishes prepared by the chef including homemade pasta and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Location: 15 min drive to Venice

Price: $70-120/night depending on season

Amenities: Recently Renovated 18th Century Historical Villa - Wifi - A/C - Free Breakfast - Restaurant

Villa Borgo ca’ dei Sospiri  

Borgo cà dei Sospiri is a 16th century residence that was delicately transformed into the 4-star hotel it is today. This hotel is family owned and operated - the staff will take care of your every need. This remodeled residence is located in the quiet countryside at the doors of Venice. Perfect for a romantic countryside getaway! 

Location: 20 Minute Drive to Venice

Price: $65-90/night

Amenities: Wifi - Garden - Outdoor Pool - A/C - Onsite Restaurant

We hope this list help you find the perfect place to stay around Venice. 

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