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Best House Sitting Websites

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We recently stumbled upon this amazing program that lets you stay in people's homes for FREE all around the world. We're using this platform to plan a month long trip to Australia in December and will save us around $1000-3000 USD in lodging costs for the duration of the trip! Whoop Whoop! Can you say winning? How you ask? House Sitting! In our opinion, Trusted House Sitters is one of the best house sitting websites currently operating.

Whats the catch?

In return, you will take care of the homeowner's pet(s) while the owner is away. Some owners have a few other requirements such as collect the mail for them while they're gone. This is a very small price to pay considering in return you will get FREE lodging! 

Best house sitting websites

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to travel for less and doesn't mind taking care of pets! 

This program is especially great for traveling to more expensive destinations such as the USA, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, where hotel costs might set you back well over $100+/night. This program will also enable you to take much longer trips around the world. (yay!) 

Have pets? You can also use this program to help find trustworthy pet sitters for your next Holiday! Create an account with them today! 

Is it free?

Like most other house sitting websites, there is an annual fee to use the service. While some might consider the fee of $119/year to be high, this is less than the cost of one night at many hotels. The service will pay for itself if you use it even one time! Like I mentioned before, using this service for one trip to Australia will save us well over $1000 USD! Click Here to learn more

Why is this one of the best house sitting websites?

Trusted House Sitters has by far the easiest website interface to use compared to other house sitting websites. Plus they offer great support and access to a 24 hour vet sitting advice line! 

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