The Virgin Islands are a beautiful set of islands not too far from Puerto Rico. These islands are my favorite destination in the Caribbean so far. I love the vibe of the islands and local culture. You definitely feel time slip away and worries disappear. We spent time on St Thomas as well as St. John. Be sure to check out our top 8 things to do in St Thomas.

When to Go - December through April is peak season for tourists. June through October is hurricane season. My recommendation is that you visit sometime in April-May. However, keep in mind some business close early during off season.

Getting Around - If you want to experience the island like a local, rent a car. Keep in mind that in the Virgin Islands you will be driving on the LEFT side of the road. Do yourself a favor and rent a Jeep. There are tons of pot holes and winding bumby roads. There are speed bumps and dips also so a jeep would be highly recommended. There are taxis on the island as well for a moderate price. There is a car ferry that runs between the islands of St. Thomas and St. John and the British Virgin Islands too.

Where to stay - Most hotels on the island run from $100-250USD a night. There are plenty of Airbnb rentals across the islands that can get you a great deal on a beachside condo or villa for under $150/night. On St. John there are plenty of camping opportunities. The island of St. John is almost entirely a national park.

Cost - The VIs are more expensive than the mainland USA. A burger on the islands will run you $10-12. However St. Croix is definitely the cheaper island to visit. However I find that most alcohol across the islands is cheaper than mainland USA.

Blackbeard's Castle
Blackbeard's Castle

Things To See and Do

There is plenty to do and see in the USVI listed below, but be sure to check out  8 awesome things to do in St Thomas!

Trunk Bay - This was our favorite beach by far! The picture at the top was taken overlooking the bay. Take the ferry to St. John and follow the signs to the beach. Get there early to avoid the tourists, you wont regret it.

Coki Beach - Coki is a small but lovely beach on St. Thomas. Great snorkeling right from the beach and excellent water visability. Also is a popular hang out spot for the locals. This beach is a tour ship favorite so check the tour ship schedule and go early!

Secret Harbor Beach - Yet another fantastic, quiet beach with some good snorkeling and a nice restaurant on the bay​

Take a Hike - There are a couple great hiking trails through the jungle in St. John's national park. Bring lots of water. There are some nice ancient petroglyphs toward the end of the reef bay trail.

Eat - At the "Off the Grid" food truck located by sapphire beach to enjoy some of the best BBQ ever with a Caribbean touch.

And More - Take a boat tour, go snorkeling, learn to dive, zipline through the trees, take a ferry to the BVIs.

Secret Harbor
Secret Harbor
St Thomas
View from Black Beards Tower