After a few nights of rained out camping and hours worth of driving on our west coast road trip we were desperately in search of a warm bed with a roof over our heads. Who wouldn’t be? This is exactly what led us to Colette’s Bed and Breakfast Inn. Once we arrived we realized it was so much more! Now don’t get me wrong, this was definitely on the higher end of our budget. Let’s say a bit of a splurge! Having saved money from our former camping nights, with a few skipped meals due to completely losing awareness of time in our adventures, we decided to “treat yo’self”. If you got a few (ok a lot) bucks to spare and want a nice pampered experience, Colette’s BNB is definitely the place for you. We hope you enjoy our Colettes Bed & Breakfast Review! 

Colettes B&B

Now let me start by saying that where we are from, the grand state of Texas, we don’t see much wildlife in our suburban neighborhood in Dallas county. The last 10-15 minute drive to Colette’s was exciting all itself. You get the pleasure of driving through small farms filled with lavender with the peaks of the Olympic Mountains to the South. Upon arrival you have to get out to open a small deer fence that had us both excited about the prospect of seeing the local wildlife.

The gardens are breathtaking, one could even say immaculate. The sound of trickling fountains and the buzzing of friendly garden bees could put anyone in a pleasurable mood. The flowers and shrubbery are taken so well care of they could make any rigorous gardener jealous. It’s as if you could get lost in a fairytale land before even reaching the front door. No, really, I swear there had to be fairies living on the property.

Colettes Bed and Breakfast

Dae, one of the two hosts on the property, greeted us promptly at the main entrance to the Great Room. Her and Cliff are both very friendly laid back hosts and have all and any answer to any question about the area you could imagine. She showed us the layout of the Great Room which included a gorgeous view of the Strait of Georgia to Canada from both the lounge and breakfast areas, endless books and dvds for down time, menus from local restaurants for both your lunch and dinner plans and a daily coffee, tea, snack bar.

Check in is from 4pm-7pm and we arrived about half past 4 just in time to enjoy their 5pm complimentary evening wine and light Hors D’oeuvres. After a few hours of driving this was a perfect way to settle in and get acquainted with the property before finding dinner in town. I’m getting ahead of myself though. After the tour of the great room Dae showed us to our room, The Lavender Room. I believe it’s one of the smaller/cheaper rooms out of the 5 but it was perfect for our needs. She quickly showed us around the space before leaving us to bring in our belongings and get settled.

Colettes Bed and Breakfast
Colettes Bed and Breakfast

THIS ROOM! ? As stated it’s the Lavender room and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, in the room is lavender. Soaps, lotions, sprays, shampoo and conditioners were all heavenly scented with the aroma of the lavender flower. Most of these were all sourced locally from the very farms we had passed on our way in (amazing). It also boasted the same view as the Great Room with floor to ceiling windows. The room is a bit oddly shaped with a small love seat settled in the nook off the room, but for two people it was perfect to settle on to watch the boats in the early morning while enjoying the complimentary tea and coffee also available in the room.

My only negative about the room, unfortunately, using the “privacy” door hanger did not keep our host from coming in and doing a little tidying up while we were away. Dustin and I usually don’t bother with room service while we stay somewhere seeing as we don’t really use the rooms much other than sleep and for the bathrooms. We prefer our privacy but to some this may not matter! Just all a personal preference and just a friendly warning for those who enjoy their complete privacy. Let me clarify that no personal items were touched or moved at these times.

The bathroom is almost the size of the bedroom including both jet tub and shower. Both nights we took the opportunity of using the 80 gallon tub. Hey, after a few nights in the cold rain you would do the same. ? Everything is clean and fresh with every toiletry you could imagine ready and at your disposal.

Heavy packers beware as the bedroom and closet are both on the smaller quaint size. The room also comes with television, dvd player, refrigerator and other small amenities. There are also two power strips running along the head of each side of the bed for all your electronic gadget needs. The wifi worked very well for us with rare occasion of lag. The bedroom also shares a fireplace with the bathroom for an amazing vibe.

Colettes Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast is communal, so at first this was a bit off-putting seeing as Dustin and I usually tend to keep to ourselves and enjoy going at our own pace. It starts at 8:30am serving a 2-3 course chef’s choice meal which usually lasts 1-1 ½ hours. Let’s say, you shouldn’t be in a rush during the morning to grab a quick bite and head out. Also, be prepared for the more friendlier guests to strike up a conversation but, hey, maybe you are that friendly guest! Maybe not the best B&B for the introvert but it wasn’t the worst once you get used to it. Now having said this please be aware that Dae and Cliff or more than accommodating. If you have early morning plans they don’t want to see you leave hungry. Just give them a heads up since the staff is so tiny and I’m sure they will be more than happy to accommodate any timing or social preferences.

Having said that, after day 1 it became quiet normal to share breakfast with a group of strangers and hear about everyone’s adventures from the day before. The food is amazing! There wasn’t one thing we didn’t finish. From any and every FRESH squeezed juice you could imagine to any dietary needs you require. We never left hungry or unsatisfied.

Colettes Bed and Breakfast

Our three days spent on the property we encountered Bald Eagles (who nest on the property), elk, and deer. Colette’s BNB is located in the country so there isn’t much around but it is located halfway between Port Angeles and the town of Sequim, about 10-15 minutes both ways. Everything in the area is a bit of a drive but no one hotel is located further or closer than any other if you plan on visiting any of the surrounding nature areas. Good old West Coast driving!

Colettes Bed and Breakfast

Dae and Cliff were amazing and very helpful, they even allowed us to use their washer and drier after a few nights of muddy camping. We couldn’t have asked for more accommodating friendly guest.

This property is kid free, smoke free (indoor and out), and pet free.

There is free parking available.

In summary we absolutely loved this place and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a peaceful, nature filled visit to the Olympic Peninsula. To book one of their rooms or for more info, CLICK HERE

Colettes Bed and Breakfast

Overall: (4.7 / 5)
Location: (5.0 / 5)
Accessibility: (4.5 / 5)
Wifi: (4.2 / 5)
Breakfast: (5.0 / 5)
Cleanliness: (5 / 5)
Staff: (5 / 5)