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Our Story

Hi there! We’re Dustin and Nadja, your friendly ambivert travelers.

What’s an ambivert traveler you ask? Well let us explain. Long explanation short, we both share qualities of introverts and extroverts but can't seem to really fit into one category or the other. So just think of us as a good mash of the two. Oh, and we LOVE to travel.

We think this has curbed our travel choices to just perfectly meet your needs and hey, maybe you’ll find this way of travel perfect for you! Whether you prefer solitude and privacy or a fast immersion in people and culture, we feel that to have truly great and meaningful experiences around the world there has to be a balance of solitude and connection. This blog is dedicated to exploring that yin and yang duality and sharing our experience with you.

A few fun facts about us:

  • We never want to have kids....ever.
  • We take care of a diabetic cat (who needs shots and medication throughout the day). 
  • Dustin has destroyed TWO iPhones by running into the ocean.
  • I'm also (Dustin) a huge saltwater aquarium nerd with a 150 gallon reef tank.
  • Nadja is 50% German
  • Nadja is also a super talented artist
  • Germany and Costa Rica are our two favorite countries....so far...

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We quit our jobs in 2015 to travel the world and start an Eco-Friendly Brand, KijaniNow. However, our passion has always been traveling the globe. Everyone deserves the chance to travel in their lifetime and we can help guide you with great tips and recommendations along the way, no matter how outgoing or reserved you are!

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